About us

Welcome to India Records Academy!

Welcome to India Records Academy! The sole pioneer and expert in Indian records. Our motto is to search for exceptional talent and bring out the best in an individual. With the exalted goal of testing the endurance limits of determined individuals, we provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase breathtaking human feats and incredible achievements.

Our panel of experts is focused in observing, assessing, collaborating, and appreciating amazing human feats accomplished at India Records. We recognize their triumphs in various fields by promoting journals, and a catalogue of Indian Records. With standards that are as high as our goals, we believe in strict monitoring before approving a record. India Records Academy strives to excel when it is a matter of setting Indian Records. Our fundamental motive is to help the common man achieve outstanding feats, and let the whole world know about it.

India Records Academy has been diligently pursuing its goal by motivating people to persist and perform. It is now time for the entire country and the rest of the world to know about us, and the people we guided to attempt and achieve impossible tasks. We are determined to make our presence felt in every nook and corner of the country, and provide equal opportunity to all. The regular shows that we conduct on TV, and the live demonstrations and performances bear testimony to our efforts. We constantly coordinate meets for eager India Records Holders on a regular basis, in order to evaluate, educate, impress, and guide every person to set new Indian Records. All the ownership, rights, copyrights, trademarks and etc., of India Records Academy are held with Amazing Worldwide Achievers Limited.