Considering the worthiness and importance of the record and the record holder, the best way to demonstrate and propagate this unique achievement of the record-holder is through the IRA certificate. The certificate highlights the achievement along with complete details of the record. The extra certificates issued by IRA are made from the same excellent quality of paper in order to maintain the originality. More importantly, the extra certificates bear the Seal of Sanction from India Records Academy.

Regular Certificate Service

After you have successfully completed the record attempt in the Regular Application Service, all the India Records Academy certificate holders will be informed through an approval mail and a letter. Once you receive the approval mail, you have to pay IRA Rs. 3000 in order to receive the certificate pack. Every additional certificate can be obtained by paying Rs.1000.

Certificate Service for Premium Track Mode Record Holders

Once you have successfully completed the record attempt in the Premium Track Mode Service, every India Records Academy certificate holder in Premium Track Mode Service will get the certificate pack within 10 working days from the date of approval of the record attempt. This service is free of cost. One standard certificate will be issued free of cost to Premium Track Mode Applicants. Additional certificates, if required, can be had at a cost of Rs.1000 each.

Premium Service on certificates

All the India Record Holders have the liberty to ask for an “Individualized Extra Certificate Service”, which ensures that the record holder can order for a made-to-order version of the certificate. This “Individualized Extra Certificate” contains extra information that does not appear in the Regular certificate. This could be the company and product details, extra names, location, and anything specifically requested for by the record holder. However, it is important that any additional information is approved by IRA before it can be included in the “Individualized Extra Certificate”. In the case of group events when there are many participants, the organizers will issue the Individualized Certificates to all participants at an extra cost of Rs.1000 per head. When any group exceeds 50 members, special discounts can be availed.