Is It a Record?

Is your Record Attempt can be a Potential India Records Academy achievement?

The General Guidelines are simple: Every Record must be Quantifiable and Breakable. IRA is always against to the wastage of your time through coming up with a record that is not acceptable. For this, we suggest you to go through necessary check list when you come up with a attempt or proposal that is purely comes under a new category. Keeping this kind of situation in mind, IRA is offering few examples of records that are not acceptable by IRA in a few areas that are currently very popular.


IRA will not entertain claims in the following areas:

  • Record Attempt based on the harming or killing of animals or living things.
  • IRA will not entertain or endorse speed record for traveling over huge distances over horse back as it will concerns the welfare of the horse or any other animals involved.
  • IRA not entertaining any lightest or heaviest pets claims.
  • IRA will not entertain separate category based on the breed and it would be an absolute record mentioning particular animal like “longest ever dog” or “oldest cat living” or “Oldest horse living”.
  • IRA will not entertain any endurance records such as ‘longest time living with snakes’.

IRA will not be in a position to evaluate the quality in the case of artwork, small origami or articles (unless readable through a microscope) as it becomes highly tough to judge the smallest item in the world for a particular object. Here, IRA will study the largest objects in the world for the comparison sake.


IRA do not want to take any achievements or records which are qualified by disability or physically challenged, it cannot be accommodated in a reference work as general as India Records Academy.

  • IRA do not accept any health related record attempts like individual living long live with Cancer, HIV/AIDS and diseases of such nature.
  • IRA do not consider or accept any Record Attempt or claim for beauty as this is not an objectively measurable item.
  • We do not accept faster or quicker or longest birth categories.
  • We cannot entertain cancer survival for the claim as there are many varieties of cancer with varying severity and it is highly impossible to compare between each variety patients.
  • IRA does not recognize ‘gluttony’ claims as this involves consumption of mass amounts of food.
  • Elbow licking is completely an unacceptable claim by IRA.
  • Largest head claim is not acceptable with IRA while the participant is with a medical condition known as elephantiasis.
  • Public claims such as hunger strikes and fasting are no longer a category to recognize by IRA.
  • Massage Marathon is one cannot be considered by IRA as it is highly tough to judge visually the style and form considered for the performing in the event.
  • IRA will not recognize any medical records for claim such as most operations in a short time or some other.
  • IRA cannot recognize sleeplessness and longest sleep for claim.
  • IRA will not recognize thinnest people claim for record attempt event.
  • IRA will not recognize any attempt on a geographical language, literature or such other in natures. Any claim on language or literature should be global in nature.
  • IRA will not recognize claims based on posts or emails like chain letters or similar with variations.
  • Claims regarding to smallest handwriting is not acceptable by IRA as it is highly tough to standardize levels of writing quality, legibility, neatness etc.
  • IRA do not entertain any category for most generations with the same name.
  • IRA cannot consider any claims for the shortest or longest poem.
  • Subject matter claims will not be considered by IRA.
  • Silent reading is not recognized by IRA for claim.

Record Attempts for listening to music or the radio for the longest duration is not considered by IRA as this is not possible to prove that the participant is concentrating and listening to the music. There is no category to recognize the shortest song or most songs written, but it should be in broader spectrum like most people singing. We are not considering any claims in the jam sessions or improvisations. It is highly tough to judge the musical proficiency and quality in this aspect of performances.


IRA is not considering any category for small plant or small fruit or small vegetable. Challenge is always about encouraging growing larger. Here, it is quite imperative to remember that a seed is the smallest one of this variety. We do accept some categories like Biggest brinjal grown, Biggest tomato cultivated and other kinds of similar nature.


IRA do not accept records regarding acquired qualifications. This is highly impossible to quantify qualification. Here, each country has their academic methods for awarding a qualification and therefore standardization would be highly impossible to make a comparison.

Generally, unusual, original, uniqueness and luck are highly impossible to quantify and ruled out from IRA categories for the record attempt. The IRA records categories are always open to be challenged at any time in the future. So, there should be a possibility to compare these future aspects objectively and fairly with the record. There are no categories with IRA such as ‘only’. Here, an ‘only’ need not have to be in itself, a record. A record is always subjected to future breakability. Also, it should be measurable and comparable too.


IRA do not endorse events that are with driving between two specific points with least amount of time limitations. As these events could result into damage or hurt for participants and spectators and involves safety and legality issues.