India Records Academy Facilitates Three Different Types of Application.
Application Mode 1: Standard Application

This is Absolutely Free. Upon Submitting the Application it will take a minimum of 6 weeks for accepting the application and to send the guidelines. Upon the receipt of the Guidelines one can attempt the record by adopting the rules and regulations.

Application Mode 2: Premium Track Service

The Premium Track Service enables us to offer premium services through quick review of applications, and will be able to get back to you within 2 working days. An applicant can opt for the special Premium Track Service at any point of time. The applicant can avail this service by paying Rs.25,000.00 and you will receive the following benefits:

  • All enquiries from the applicant will be dealt with on priority basis
  • Applicants are entitled to Premium Review where the evidence and supporting documents will be scrutinized within 2 working days through Premium Track Service.
  • IRA will provide a reasonable explanation if the record suggestion is found to be unacceptable or not suitable. The fee paid towards Premium Track Service is not refundable if the proposal for Record Attempt is not accepted.
  • An applicant may opt for the Premium Track Service any time after submitting the Record Attempt application to IRA.
  • If the applicant decides to avail this quick service after submitting the Record Attempt evidence, the review will be completed within two working days and the stipulated fees in such cases is Rs.18,000.00
Application Mode 3: Adjudication Services

IRA will ensure that an Official Adjudicator is available on the spot to verify and certify the Record Attempt. You may avail this Official Adjudicator Service that includes the availability of a trained and experienced Adjudicator will verify the record immediately at the event site itself. There are several major benefits in having an IRA Adjudicator who will verify the record attempt on the spot, immediately after the attempt is made. The results will be announced soon after, on the spot itself. You get a chance to improve your profile and the achievement gets noticed, and will receive Official Authentication as the Official Authenticator is present throughout the event. You get great exposure and fantastic publicity as the Official Adjudicator will pass on the information to the representatives of the leading Newspapers and Television channels, who will be present there. The adjudication service ensures that you get maximum publicity and the best coverage. It is a paid service and it attracts an official fees of Rs.50,000.00 towards the same. For further details please refer to adjudication page in this website.